About Us

Century Health is a healthcare company pioneering innovative diagnostic technology dedicated to cutting-edge research and development of medical devices. Our mission is to enable people to live healthier and longer lives, potentially 100+ years (a “century”), by making healthcare more accessible and convenient. With a focus on innovation and quality, we are researching solutions for government and public, and fuel our groundbreaking projects, with the aim to transform patient care and propel healthcare technology into the future.

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Smart Toilet

Innovative and non-invasive AI-power approach to health monitoring

Fast, frequent, and real-time biomarker detection from human waste

Field AI Medic

Empowers soldiers to treat basic injuries and diagnose conditions, even without extensive prior medic training

Uses the latest AI technology to increase recovery rate among soldiers and save lives

Our Services

Healthcare from the comfort of your home.


Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Body fat and more


Laboratory tests at the comfort of your own home


Ultrasound, X-ray, EKG


Choose the IV treatment that's right for you

R&D Division

Dedicated to finding solutions for:
U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Government Agencies

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